"The real voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"  [Marcel Proust]

Guided tours
The most traditional way of discovering the hidden treasures of a many-sided and complex reality in a territory that was forged over thousands years of history - specially made to suit the needs of travelers who don't want just to pass from one place to the other in a passive and hasty way, but wish to penetrate the culture, the atmosphere, the stimuli that sometimes are barely visible to our awareness.



Landscape and nature trips
The region Campania boasts a wide variety of naturalistic routes: it's a succession of rocky coasts high up above the sea, sweet hills, fertile plains, mountains, extinct, active or dormant volcanoes, among them the most famous sleepy giant of the world: Mount Vesuvius - now included in a special Protection Zone. Furthermore, various protected marine areas, which include the widest Archaeological Underwater park in the world: Baia. Two areas of great physical beauty and natural diversity, outstanding cultural landscapes, were recognized by Unesco as World Heritage: the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento national Park with the Greek ruins of Paestum


Themed itineraries

From limoncello to porcelain… Each itinerary is centered around one of our highlights in different fields, i.e. a typical product, from culinary art up to old arts and crafts; you can also choose our cultural, archeological, anthropological routes based on a particular historical period. 

Nisida, Miseno, Ischia


Tailored paths

To suit needs and desires of most practiced and demanding travelers or those who simply require a punctual support through every single stage of their exploration. This an opportunity of growing for both parts: your ideas and suggestions are welcome and we are glad to help you organize and realize your plans!


Transfers: welcome to Naples!
We want our guests to feel at home from the very first moment on their arrival in Naples... And we do it by welcoming you at the airport/harbor/train station and then escorting you on the trip to the lodging destinations with the help of expert local bus/car/minicoach companies.


Cultural events
By taking part to and organizing cultural events that don't involve just our "metropolis", but also less known villages in other provinces, we direct your attention to current programs that draw on the cultural heritage of our region, which is rooted in the tradition and offers each time present-based reinterpretations. Let's discover how the territorial identity meets the world global village!